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On God

The Shema – The Trinity Delusion Website

Adonai and Adoni – Sir Anthony Buzzard

On Jesus

Christology 101: Two Adams – Biblical Unitarian Website

Jesus Christ: Incarnated or Created? – Biblical Unitarian Website

Who Was/Is Jesus? – Andrew Perriman

The Doctrine of the Double Nature of Christ – Biblical Unitarian Website

Jesus is God: Exploring the Notion of Representational Deity – Sean Finnegan

Who is Jesus: God, Christ or Both? – Hildy Chandler

The Worship of Adam and Christ as the Image of God – D. Steenburg

In the Gospel of John Jesus is Messiah Not God – Bill Schlegel

Who is Messiah? – Mark Clarke

On the Holy Spirit

The Jewish Origin of Christian Pneumatology – Dr. John R. Levison

The Seven Spirits of God: Holy Spirit, Angels, or Both? (Part 1) – The Trinity on Trial

The Seven Spirits of God: Holy Spirit, Angels, or Both? (Part 2) – The Trinity on Trial

On Church History

The Trinity Before Nicea – Sean Finnegan

Weasel Talk About Early Christianity and the Trinity – Dr. Dale Tuggy

Unorthodox Christology in General Baptist History: The Legacy of Matthew Caffyn – Kegan Chandler

Trinitarian Arguments Answered

Jesus Existed in the Form of God: An Examination of Philippians 2:5-11 – Hildy Chandler

My Lord and My God: Trinitarians Get it Wrong (John 20:28) – Bill Schlegel

John 1 in 50+ Translations – Sir Anthony Buzzard

John 1:1 Caveat Lector (Reader Beware) – Sir Anthony Buzzard

If Jesus Pre-Existed, He wasn’t a Human (John 17:5) – Bill Schlegel

Did God Die on the Cross? (Acts 20:28) – Andrew Perriman

God the Illeist: Third-Person Self-References and Trinitarian Hints in the Old Testament – Andrew S. Malone

What was Paul Thinking When He Wrote “Christ…the one being over all, God, blessed forever”? (Rom. 9:5) – Andrew Perriman

The Principle of Agency

Shaliah: An Introduction to the Principle of Agency – Raymond Essoe

Shaliah: The Law of Agency – Carlos Jimenez

Other Topics of Interest

A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Case for a Holistic Reading of the Biblical Story of Redemption – Dr. J. Richard Middleton

Are the Dead Conscious? A Sequential Survey of the Biblical Writers – Tim Warner

Did the Dying Thief Accompany Jesus to Paradise? – Tim Warner

The Doctrine of Immortality in the Early Church – Dr. John H. Roller

Resurrection and the Future of Marriage: Interpreting Luke 20:34-36 in its Hebraic Context – Sarah Giles

Rejecting the Kingdom: Too Crude – Sean Finnegan

Rejecting the Kingdom: Too Hedonistic – Sean Finnegan

Rejecting the Kingdom: Too Jewish – Sean Finnegan

The Divine Council in the Hebrew Bible (Dissertation) – Dr. Paul B. Sumner