Resource Library: Websites

Recommended Websites

The Trinity on Trial does not necessarily endorse *all* views expressed on these sites. Biblical discernment is advised.


Dr. Dale Tuggy’s site covering all aspects of Trinitarian theories

Servetus the Evangelical

Pro Golfer Kermit Zarley’s site discussing his personal testimony and common Trinitarian proof texts

21st Century Reformation

J. Dan & Sharon Gill’s site with a vast collection of resources covering a wide array of Trinitarian-related topics.

Christian Monotheism

Trinitarian vs Unitarian debates, proof texts discussed.

Restoration Fellowship

Sir Anthony Buzzard’s site on God & Jesus, The Kingdom, Conditional Immortality, Eschatology.

Kingdom of God Missions

Outreach ministry of Restoration Fellowship.


Pastor Sean Finnegan’s site on recovering authentic Christianity.

Know the Only True God

Silas Zeb’s blog on the nature of God and Jesus Christ.

Let the Truth Come Out

Troy Salinger’s blog on the nature of God and Jesus Christ.

The Bible Jesus

Aussie Pastor Greg Deuble’s website on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Apologetics, and Eschatology.

Land and Bible

The Satellite Bible Atlas author Bill Schlegel’s blog on Christology, the Bible, and the land of Israel.

One God Worship

Hildy Chandler’s website exploring what the Bible says about the One God and how it may differ from Church tradition.


Dr. Andrew Perriman’s blog seeking to get to the heart of first century New Testament theology.

Integrity Syndicate

Theophilus Josiah’s website established as an instrument of revival to restore 1st century Apostolic Christianity.

God’s Kingdom First

Mark Clarke’s website on everything related to the kingdom of God, including the true identity of the Messiah.

The Trinity Delusion

Canadian apologist Brother Kel’s website featuring detailed refutations of Trinitarian prooftexts in articles and videos.